Inedible things you have eaten

When I was little I ate a lego piece. Parents were worried so took me to the doctors. They were just like “lol if he’s not choking then chillax, he’ll just shit it out”.

Now you.

The fuck?

Is this true!?

Explain yourself

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Oh wow.



Plus think how much time you must have saved yourself over the years.

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Wait what?

Surely the skin is way too hard for your teeth to deconstruct it without like 100,000 chews!?

and did you shit it out


My brother once swallowed a bright green balloon whilst trying to inflate it (his error, it would seem, was sucking rather than blowing). After seeing the doctor he was rushed to hospital because of a fear that it might have inflated inside of him. Following some x-rays we were sent home and just told to monitor his shit. Sure enough, 24 hours later, he passed a cylindrical balloon filled with turd.


Does it enhance the experience?

I eat apples whole nowadays, mostly for attention, this sort of thing is right up my alley.

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Is this related to the skin eating? Wait, googled it and apparently it’s totally fine.

Fuck me, thanks ttf!

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What’s wrong with that?

More specifically, what is that?

I dunno, I was little. Probably? @mam ?

Proper @profk food

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Now this is great #content


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Swedish salted licorice.

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Noone who “knows” peels a kiwi fruit/eats it with a spoon or whatever. Eat it like an apple. No problem.

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I used to do this too. Except when I did it they were probably still called opal fruits.


Mate of mine went through a really stupid phase of eating inedible objects at school. Seem to remember him eating a pencil and an eraser. Used to drink the paintbrush water in art class as well.

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