Inedible things you have eaten

Swedish salted licorice.

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Noone who “knows” peels a kiwi fruit/eats it with a spoon or whatever. Eat it like an apple. No problem.

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I used to do this too. Except when I did it they were probably still called opal fruits.


Mate of mine went through a really stupid phase of eating inedible objects at school. Seem to remember him eating a pencil and an eraser. Used to drink the paintbrush water in art class as well.

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Fingernails. Not so much now though. Tend to focus more on the skin around them

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Yeah, a guy in my year used to do it too. I wouldn’t say it was a phase though - he was diagnosed with pica and was pretty ill.

Cocido is peng mate.

A Wetherspoons roast beef dinner one Sunday in 2012. They gave me a £20 voucher after I complained about how disgustingly inedible it was. I gave the voucher to a homeless person.

That’s far from unique btw. Everyone in Portugal and north west Spain eats that

Cooked by a volcano, m8. An actual volcano.

this is surely actually bad for you and shouldn’t be recommended

So you’re telling me you don’t like boiled pork, potatoes and cabbage?

£5 note

did you at least wash the fiver first?

I didn’t

It’s just wax paper, I probably eat a lot of things that are less healthy

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well fingers crossed you are ok

@Aggpass’s cous cous

This was 6 or so years ago so I reckon I’m ok

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