Inexplicably successful artists


Yer man Pitbull


Mr Worldwide!


surprised he’s not in here, given the number of Limmy fans on DiS


It’s alright - we haven’t mentioned every band yet, so there’s still plenty of mileage in the thread.


Their popularity is well earned. Chvrches have many great tunes, a memorable image, a very catchy sound and last but not least a very attractive lead singer. They are very likeable especially for synthpop fans.


I’m here.




They deserved their success.


Feel free to disagree but my explanation makes sense. It’s from the point of view of a synthpop fan like me.


Same. Adele makes Coldplay to sound like MBV.


Daft Punk’s first 2 albums were rightfully praised, their third was almost panned and their fourth was overtly acclaimed. But even their undercooked third album was quite redeemed after the amazing live album Alive 2007 which included songs from that album expertly blended with older material. Overall, Daft Punk are overrated but they still deserve some acclaim.


I think Public Service Broadcasting are really good, really groovy and with great melodies to support their sampling gimmick. Shame about their underwhelming third album Every Valley. Boring concept and boring execution.


the most important criteria of a band being good of course






That user questioned their popularity. Her look definitely helped the band achieve a decent popularity.


He just doesn’t like their music.


Enjoyed this live but maybe largely for the novelty


Always makes me think of this piece, where they get absolutely torn apart.


To be fair, that’s an exceptional take-down.