Inexplicably successful artists


Can’t imagine ever listening to PSB on record but live at bbc big weekend they were very very good when the high energy songs came on.


Can someone explain the appeal of George Ezra? I think I’d been hearing his songs around a lot and just assuming it was Ed Sheeran. Seems to have a particular style that is being aped by lots of other artists and you even get buskers doing imitations of him.

It just seems kind of musically nondescript and yet annoying at the same time - i think it’s the sort of wide mouthed vocal delivery that I find grating. I guess it has that sort of slightly aspirational uplifty vibe - like the musical equivalent of early Jamie Oliver programmes.


That’s the kind of smug crap that makes me really dislike the Quietus.
The far more indie that thou nonsense, it’s the website were the most pretentious writers from the NME went to die.

Not a massive PSB fan but fuck me I hate the Quietus. :smiley:


I see your point, and normally I’d agree. I think the writer could have gone in harder on that pair of oh-so-very-English dress-up bell-ends who have decided to appropriate the massive scar on Wales’ national psyche that is the collapse of its industry and subsequent abandonment by the historical imperial oppressors in Westminster in order to make another piss-poor record, but then I think that PSB are the height of pretentious fuckery.

Not a massive Quietus fan but fuck me I hate PSB :smiley:


There’s been a conveyor belt of commitee thinking charisma free blokes being trotted out of the Brit school or wherever else for about 10 years now. It’s pretty much merit free but gets the arse marketed out of it and it makes me really cross especially when radio 1 back it. I love slick pop stuff but this stuff is so unimaginative! A by no-means compete list:

Daniel Merriweather
Maverick sabre
Rag and Boner man (such a slog)
Tom Odell
Tom Grennan (HATE this guy)
Tom Watson
George Ezra (no-one cares about your gap year)
James Bay (tbf he tried to go bon iver with his last one but it was still turd)
Raleigh Ritchie
Sam Smith (his only good song is a Tom petty rip off)


I obviously want to throw your Sheerans, Bastille etc down a well too.


Yeah all this stuff. This basically makes up a good proportion of pop over the last decade or so doesn’t it? It just seems so dull. I mean I’m old so pop music isn’t being marketed at me but this stuff is so popular it must be being bought by everyone.



Don’t know at least half of these, but I can immediately tell what you’re talking about and that they’re all rubbish


I don’t know the rest of the band’s work but there’s that song that goes

“I’m a rebel just for kicks now”

Ugh what a bland song it is. Do not understand its popularity.


Rag and Bone man has this weird forced angsty ‘authenticity’ that really winds me up for some reason .


I think it’s called Feel It Still by Portugal The Man(?) That “oooh, I’m a rebel just for kicks” bit is so infuriatingly annoying. Most annoying song of the year along with George Ezra’s Paradise.


All of those lads have the same affectation, it’s so fucking irritating. Nine times out of ten searching for integrity in music is a bust one way or another but it really rankles with these lads.




Apparently Portugal the Man used to be decent, never really listened to much, but that song is so shite (also very obviously stole the tune of ‘wait a minute mr postman’ for some reason)


Portugal the Man formed from the ashes of Anatomy of A Ghost and once toured with Thursday and Circle Takes The Square.

very odd to see what theyre doing now


The Quietus make the Pitchfork reviews look reasonable. :wink:


Proper haircuts, proper stage school training.



Quite happy that the only one I’ve consciously heard on that list is Sam Smith. May campaign to become the most out-of-touch man in the UK begins to bear glorious fruit.



C’mon dude… We are all (hopefully) better than this.