Inexplicably successful artists


I was about to say “wow, one of Radiohead really looks like Justine Frischmann!” Then I realised it was actually Justine Frischmann not Jonny Greenwood. Brett Anderson gave it away.


whispers me too when I saw it.


Really? When was the last time you listened to them? I’d say they’re fairly emotionally mature for pop punk. Certainly much more than bands like blink 182 (not that they aren’t good).


Thom Yorke in that picture looks like Limmy as Tina Turner


Jacqueline McCafferty before she kicked the habit.


I thought it was Colin Greenwood and Ed O’Brien. Head’s gone.


Passed over the photo and assumed it was one or other of the Greenwoods…

e: Settled on Colin’s face with Jonny’s hair…


It’s uncanny when you look at it…



I cant stand the Wonder Years. Not a single tune amongst them.

Plus the guy calls himself Soupy


If we’re onto pop punk, surely Bowling for Soup?

Playing a 3000 capacity venue in Edinburgh on their Christmas tour. How?


my most hated band. absolutely beyond shite


they’ve never made a song that’s as technical as he’s making out there


I know it’s subjective but that’s a strange choice for most hated band. Not a criticism just strange that someone would have that much hate for them. They’re fairly insignificant, or so I thought.


Ita the forced comedy and god awful songs


Absolute madness. If you don’t like the genre then fine, not for you, but The Greatest Generation is one song shy of a masterpiece


just realised PSB are not only a shit marketing exec impression of the Ghost Box aesthetic, but also a shit The Books.


I haven’t really heard Post Malone - heard of him and know he’s got tatts on his face etc

I didn’t realise how huge he is - here in Melbourne he’s just sold out Rod Laver Arena twice (about 15,000 capacity)! and he’s sold out Sydney’s big arena twice as well - onto selling his 3rd show in both now…




After reading this thread for the first time in ages, for a tiny moment I thought you were talking about Pet Shop Boys. Thank goodness you weren’t, coz otherwise: hqdefault



Yeah I’ve only just realised that must be Public Service Broadcasting (?) because I too was wondering how Pet Shop Boys could possibly be referenced here!