Inexplicably successful artists



I’m assuming Public Service Broadcasting too, because otherwise GRRRRR :smiley: On topic, I do have “The Race for Space” or whatever it’s called; I don’t despise it, but I can certainly understand the ire they generate…


dear god ‘the Donald Trump of Hip-Hop’!


Can I add Scouting For Girls to this if I haven’t already? They’re thankfully not as big as they used to be, but I genuinely think they were so inexplicably successful for how utterly shite they were.


There’s a McDonald’s Trump for everyone.


I used to think they were a knowingly comedy band like Tenacious D, but in interviews weren’t they deadly serious about what they wrote, maybe even claiming to reinvent music’s wheel?


Apparently George Ezra is the millennial Woody Guthrie or something