Inexplicably successful artists

That’s a very low number. Sounds like it’d be really easy to get a tiny indie band even to the top 10 then with a good push or a dedicated fanbase. DiS compilation top ten album?

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Bastille. Really what is all that about. And all those other bland bands that are like them, whoever they are


First bid for indie points ITT.

Charts have been worthless for 10 to 15 years tbf

Always really.
Just wondering if there was a way to release an album. sell it for next to nothing. sell 10,000 copies and get it in the charts?

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Can’t remember the last time I saw a festival poster without this band on it.


pearl jam

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Battle if the Flanders usernames. There can be only one.

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Ed Sheeran should have been a jobbing songwriter hawking his catchy melodies to the likes of Taylor Swift or Rihanna. All strummie guitars with placeholder raps and lyrics.

But someone accidentally released the demos.


What’s the DIS consensus on Catfish?

Got a friend who heard some of their stuff and checked out the two albums. Standard 70s rock. Ok. Likeable. Can spot the Strokes and Kings of Leon influence.

Asking for a friend.

For some inexplicable reason I still enjoy the music of Shed Seven. Not bothered about any new stuff though.

Creepy weirdos with a terrible band name


I think this photo of their merch stall sums them up and we judge them appropriately.


No, because it’s easy to understand some artists being popular that I don’t particularly like, like say Taylor Swift or the Foo Fighters, they sell out stadiums and I get that.

Others however are mystifying, like I don’t get the appeal. The 1975 played I think five nights at Brixton Academy which is 25,000 people. I just don’t understand how they can get that many people to go out of their houses and actively go and watch them.


Frank Turner


Definitely, I saw Echobelly on the bill with some other bands (just want to make it clear I did not make the effort to go and see Echobelly), and got a really, really clear sense that this was definitely a band who was in the right place at the right time. Had it not been for Britpop they would have played for a couple of years in their home town and then got proper jobs and had families and forgotten all about it. They didn’t even seem like they were particularly into the music, more that ‘oh well, this is something to do, I suppose’

Likewise it’s heartbreaking to see bands in the wrong place at the wrong time, making great music but playing in front of no-one because their sound is not fashionable at the they’re around, but may be much more popular a few years after.

Yeah, the tracks might not have been fantastic, but if they’re good enough for you, they’re good enough for me


Janes Addiction


come on now


they seem like awful people but for that sort of Radio X stuff, they’re more listenable than most of the stuff around