Inexplicably successful artists


James are still going. James!


i like the idea of them a lot but aside from a few songs i don’t think the music really lives up to the idea.

couple of friends are big fans though.


the thread title saying ‘unexplainable’ rather than ‘inexplicably’ is really stressing me out


artists that seem to have “success” due to a lemming-like activity/following (Pitchfork):

Dave Grohl
Green Day
Kamasi Washington
Kendrick Lamar
Animal Collective
Jack White (The White Stripes, Deadweather, The Raconteurs, Solo)


I couldn’t name you one ed sheeran song! Not one!

Do I win something?

EDIT: One of his songs seems to be sampled from that M&S advert.


You stupid cunt


Whoa whoa whoa… Nirvana and Kendrick do not belong in this thread


permission to move this to infinite hot takes


Why is “success” in shock quotes? And what do you mean by “lemming like”? And since when have Green Day been a “pitchfork band”?

Thanks for explaining who Jack White is, though.


Nah the Across The Line anniversary thing a few years ago in Ulster Hall. Lots of acts from different genres. Therapy? fans all got on like total scumbags through all the different sets and were off their heads and being pretty aggressive. Fuck em.


Ouch. In my top 5 bands.


One of my ATDs loves them and is always trying to tell my why they’re so good.
I just cannot stand them.


Horses for courses and all that shite.




Indeed :+1:


Nah listen tho, perhaps they’re not the best example for this particular thread, but I always thought it was weird that the second bestselling album of all time was TDSOTM.


Ambitious thread crossover attempt


Really itching to change the thread title to “Inexplicably successful artists”


please do!


Alright Super Hans