Inexplicably successful artists


George Ezra. His voice and his songs actually make me angry and I can’t believe he’s playing Wembley Arena.
Mumford & Sons and Alt-J get a mention too.


My vote is Bully. There’s no shortage of bands that play that style of music, and I have no idea how they’ve slipped through to success and to receiving fairly high praise from critics that you’d think would be ready to pounce on their flaws (Pitchfork for instance, and even Buddyhead a couple years ago). Every time I turn on KEXP this song is playing, and it’s the laziest thing ever. That opening couplet, ugh.


Insane Clown Posse.


George Ezra is a good one, that video with Ian McKellen is one of the worst things I’ve seen




see also Ocean Colour Scene


Do it! that was my first choice and then I changed my mind for some inexplicable reason!


This can’t be real can it?


Yeah it is, although it’s quite old now.


This kinda laddy banter creepy shit is one of the reasons I don’t like bands as a concept


I’ve only seen the thumbnail for it but I’d rather not inflict his awful music upon myself. The one that goes “I’ll be riding shotgun” keeps coming up on a Spotify advert and I’ve never taken my headphones off quicker.



Not far off this biggest artist in the world now sales wise, yet his music and personality seem so anodyne.


Got some obvious Bangers. Absolute blanket of a human though, obviously


I’m just going to say what I say whenever these pointless “I don’t like this music so nobody else should” threads pop up:

Future of the Left are awful.




not really inexplicably successful tho


OK, how about Sleaford Mods? I think they’ve played at every single festival since about 2012, and they’re unlistenable.


Have never understood Adele’s popularity.


oh yeah I forgot my answer to this is The National.


forgot because they are so boring