Inexplicably successful artists


Saying “um, kinda” when asked if he liked them is hardly frothing enthusiasm though, I just think he thought it was more polite than saying “like them? God no!”


The Fratellis are still a thing?? Holy shit! It cost 90 dollaridoos to see them as well!



Musically, they seem very average snakebite and black indie pop. I can see why as a laddy teenager who hadn’t lived to hear that much music or yet develop critical thinking they might be your favourite band but I don’t really get why Steve Lamacq types champion them. The success of them, Shame, Slaves etc. has been catalysed by them as “the band we need to define Brexit Britain” when their lyrics barely hint at that. Also because people don’t realise Sleaford Mods (who I love) were a unique one-off.

I do like Danny Nedelko by Idles as it actually kind of is the above “response to Brexit punk” in a warm and positive way.


I had tickets to see them on 30 May! But I sold them and went on holiday to Andalusia instead.

There do seem a lot of slightly annoying bands like them around ATM who make a career out of copying Veruca Salt B-sides.


This. Popular only amongst the kind of people who get their entire musical taste from the Radio 6 playlist, see also Loyle Carner, Ghostpoet, Royal Blood and Public Service Broadcasting


I saw them do a small warm-up set at a signing tent at Primavera a few years ago. Had never really rated them before, but they were properly brilliant. Not be for everyone, but having watched them live I completely understand why a lot of people like them.


ghostpoet’s great, what you on about m9?




I certainly admire how hard working they are, and I always like to see people find success in later life.

But praising a band for working hard is a bit like the start of Spinal Tap: “The world’s most punctual band.”

Cannot stand their music, and I cannot stand how so many publications praise them as The Only Voice That Matters or whatever.


Nice chip on your shoulder you’ve got there!


Thanks. It’s a McCains Skinny Fry.


Post Malone :man_shrugging:


they’re like a rubbish parody of all those Ghost Box acts. except they don’t realise they’re a parody.


not a lot of actually inexplicable success in here? I reckon The Wombats being big in Australia is the best inexplicable one.

all the pop ones can be reduced to less complex/broader appeal.


They just sound to me like Lemon Jelly circa 64-95. Not bad, but they were hailed as visionaries making unprecedented sounds when they first appeared “on the scene.”

See also Django Django, who have forged an entire career out of ripping off the very same Beta Band song again and again.


yeah, I definitely get the Lemon Jelly comparison, what they were to say, DJ Shadow etc.

radical sounds recuperated and reprocessed into hummable jingles for gently greying 6music dads to whistle in the car.


Really liked the first Django Django album at the time precisely cos they sounded so much like The Beta Band. They sounded less like them on the second album which was much more boring as a result (haven’t heard the new one yet)


I think Muse are unspeakably awful but at the same time I can understand why 14 year old boys or people with the musical taste of 14 year old boys would love them. There are enough of those people to make them successful.


Sure it’s been said before but they’re a musical ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ aren’t they.

Absolutely awful imo but I’m not surprised they’re successful.


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