Inexplicably successful artists


The second one was dull as fuck but I really like some of the stuff on the new one.


heard some live tracks and 6music and it sounded like an improvement yeah


Drake doesn’t even use auto tune though


Surface to air is the best thing they’ve done. Give that a whack.


just listened to him for the first time out of curiousity.

can’t remember the last time I heard anything so lifeless. if good trap is like a delicious meal, Post Malone sounds like the dishwater after this meal.

and good trap is super rare because that sound is several times worn out.


They’re the kind of thing that people recommend to me as a former musician and history graduate - ‘Look, it’s music and history together as one!’ - and I have to keep being like ‘Nah, it’s the weakest, shitebag combination of both those strands of things, and also hideously, hideously English, please fuck off thanks.’

EDIT - Well, this is an old thread isn’t it?



That’s the two for one right there


It’s because she has a really good voice that she can use to sing really well.


LCD Soundsystem. Really don’t get it.


Ed Sheeran isn’t just massive, he’s so so so enormous there’s no words

I haven’t browsed Amazon’s music service to see what’s on there but I’m guessing it’s reasonably comprehensive. And yet despite there being almost all the music the average punter could think of being available 3 of the 4 most streamed albums are by Sheeran. That’s fucking mad


Easy explanation - The sort of simpleton who likes Ed Shearer is probably the same kind of idiot who is happy to stick a listening device in their house.


i’d still expect there to be more variation in the choices of simpletons

3 of the top 4 ffs

also what the fuck is that recent shitty coldplay album doing there? don’t boring idiots want to hear their peak [first 4 albums] like all correct and good people?


My sister’s music collection is five CDs. Coldplay, ABBA, U2, Queen and Belinda Carlisle. She is an average music consumer that dominates Spotify and Alexa (I presume).


I heard the latest album by regular Rock Sound magazine cover stars 21 Pilots today. I know “Rock” is a wide-ranging genre and covers a lot of bases but fucking hell they make Coldplay sound like Slayer. Also how are cod reggae vocals still a thing?


dunno about inexplicable but don’t get the fuss with Christine & The Queens.

Lily Allen - absolutely inexplicable, just crap, maybe occasionally above-average
how she pulls in the crowds she does is beyond me


very unfair on Bat For Lashes, who understands something Florence doesn’t: subtlety


it was a bit irksome when she was saying herself that she was robbed at the Mercury’s


naming her album Sheezus was the nadir


Have always thought The Offspring were clearly terrible. Even when they were meant to good (Smash) they were bad. Self-Esteem = terrible Lithium rip-off. I suppose Pretty Fly has a catchy hook. But still, they headlined Download once - how???


I think the visual element is a big part of why people like Christine. And there’s the intellectual stuff for the Q readers.