Inexplicably successful artists


No, I don’t believe it. No bad band could ever be allowed to headline Download festival.


I know what you’re saying. They’re no Lost prophets.


Offspring > Nirvana


Abbey Road at 20 is weird.


yeah i’d have guessed Sgt Pepper as top Beatles album

is it the first one that plays if you just ask alexa to play a Beatles album? can’t think why else


It’s got to be first alphabetically.


aah yes! maybe it gets played just by asking alexa to play the beatles? like on spotify at the top of each artist is the most played songs but maybe amazon music is different


I do not get Twenty One Pilots at all. I don’t mind Kerrang and Rock Sound promoting something a little different as long as got a bit of bite to it. But it’s such a twee, teenybopper thing. You can probably tell by my (awful) username I’m 23- I do genuinely feel a bit old when I think that ‘the kids’ all seem to like them and I just don’t get it.


I really, really dislike 21 Pilots. It has little to do with age and more to do with not being able to listen to horribly bland music like that.

Has anyone mentioned Imagine Dragons in this thread? I find them completely unlistenable and nap inducing at the same time. Yet they have legions of fans.


Self-Esteem isn’t anything like Lithium though. I mean it’s got a lot of Nevermind style riffage in it but it’s hardly much like any particular song off there.

Anyway, I think Smash is still an excellent album to put on. I think Self-Esteem does show their fairly conservative view of people though. By the time they were putting out Pretty Fly and Why Don’t You Get a Job you could see them punching down pretty hard on the victims of society rather than the causes.

Things you have been slow to realise

Might be a huge crossover with Alexa owners and people who read Where’d You Go Bernadette?

Also, Abbey Road actually is the most MOR enjoyable Beatles album by far. I mean Revolver is the actual best one but Abbey Road isn’t far behind.


Great as Americana is musically, debated with a friend recently whether a mainstream band could release today in its present form. ‘She’s got issues’ is another example. Putting it in todays context, feels kinda weird that a band would write a song about that. Different era…


I’ve never heard the album but even at the time I found the singles pretty dubiously problematic, almost approaching Bob Roberts levels of social commentary.


Interesting you mentioned Imagine Dragons, I was thinking of them as a similar act- and yes, they’re crap.
Also I think I’ve found the song that ushered in 21 Pilots/Imagine Dragons/Bastille… Alex Clare has a lot to answer for.


I feel sooo bad for my best bud who is a musician and has very good music taste too, and has to put up with his wife having an intense adoration for 21 Pilots. Like stupid intense. Like she will completely derail a party in the wee hours drunkenly blasting it and dancing, with her alone not experiencing an ear bleed and churning nausea. This is a compounded issue due to their home being a common social gathering point as well. It’s so bad he is forced to go to their shows…and this weekend I discovered vinyl of theirs mingled amongst his otherwise stellar collection. If she wasn’t so easy on the eyes this would be grounds for a divorce if I were he. Poor bastard.


Classic PARTS OVER FOLKS, GO HOME tactic :rofl:


Basically everyone just clears out into the back yard and let’s her have the living room to herself.

The worst of this happened this summer in St. Augustine, Florida. We had road tripped it across the State to see The National with Big Thief (great show, in a lovely amphitheater). Roughly six of us, it was a Saturday show so we rented a flat to party in for the weekend. Hanging out partying after the show, everyone feeling loose and upbeat like one does after a good show. After party starts out well enough back at the flat. In fact, the lady in question is happily doing a bit of stripper style dancing and perhaps a wee bit of playful strip teasing to some Rick Ross, this I find fun and enjoyable. When suddenly she yells out “you know what’s next!” And races to the iPhone to put on goddam 21 Pilots. I have never gone from pleasantly aroused to “fuck hell gotta escape this with sleep” so quickly. Shortly thereafter the party wrapped up, of course.




Perhaps it’s karma for her husband and I sometimes doing something similar with The Frogs during the late stretch of a party if we get the urge to piss off the emo set of friends.



Concepts are interesting but the music is poor man’s big beat, like the Propellorheads.

6music seem to fucking revere them!