Infamous/acrimonious work departures

Someone here has just left, leaving with a very “slangy” (at best) out-of-office, it turns out after a mild panic that it was only for internal. Top marks to her.

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Good work foppyish’s ex-colleague

I remember years ago when someone sent out a company wide email regarding their treatment of non-permanent staff. It was brilliant - he got marched out like a massive hero and we all met him in the pub after.

One of our infamous colleagues, I shall refer to as the McG-Unit got paid to leave after a 9month battle. He once turned up to work wearing odd shoes. On a separate occasion supposedly lost his work trouser the evening before, he claimed through copping off with a girl, but much more likely pissing himself. He came in, in the morning with massive trousers on he had just bought from M&S, he looked like charlie chaplin.

He just turned up unprofessionally and they couldn’t just sack him eventually after he’d racked up enough ‘black marks’? This sounds dubious.

If you would like I can document the whole 9 month process with every detail day by day? However I thought I would cherry pick the two funny incidents in an attempt to selflessly entertain the fellow reader of DIS. You have just ruined this!

Sorry, it just sounds a bit odd shorn of the context of why they had to make him redundant with loads of pay rather than just bin him off for breaking rules. Why haven’t the rest of you tried this? It sounds like a good idea :smiley:

A few people have been very tempted, also as soon as he saw things were going south he claimed/possibly was a bit stressed ( his job wasn’t taxing but he didn’t like it) and our work place was promoting mindfulness that year, so it combined in the perfect storm for him.

At my job before last, we had a string of feckless temps as colleagues. One of the most memorable turned up to work on a Monday (in the same clothes he was wearing on the Friday) after having spent the entire weekend taking drugs and not sleeping. He fled at Monday lunchtime after he was informed that a police officer was waiting at reception for him.

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Classic @anon50098204

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In wet trousers, no less.

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Led astray by Public Enemy Art Garfunkel

And Smiggsy. Both whacked off their faces on goofballs.

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Friend of mine works at Allen and Overy, where people still speak in reverent tones about the bloke who did a shit in the soap dispenser on his last day.

Putting the brown into Molton and Brown

When I worked at a supermarket. Some student who worked there part time got on the tannoy and made some long rambling anti capitalism speech signing off with ‘shoplifters of the world unite’ Everyone just looked bemused rather than impressed.