Influential women (in praise of)


Women are doing quite well at the top of politics in the UK at the moment: a female Prime Minister, Female First Minister in Scotland, female leaders of the Conservatives, Scottish Conservatives, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Green Party, Scottish Labour (the rest of the Labour party and its members seem insistent on only having straight white men in leadership positions, sadly - Sadiq Khan being perhaps the notable exception). Even UKIP have had an elected female leader, albeit only for 18 days. In Angela Merkel we have a female leader of the free world. But despite this, Thatcher is seemingly still held up as the benchmark against which all others are judged.

Let’s use this thread to praise modern influential women across any industry you like: politics, art, science, sport, business etc.

I’ll start with Cosey Fanni Tutti of COUM Transmission/Throbbing Gristle. A towering artistic presence. Her autobiography will be fascinating when it’s released next year.


@plasticniki is leader of DiS


And the Lanterne Rouge of the DiS Peloton.


Nominating MY MUM. She’s fucking awesome. A huge influence and a terrible warning all at once. :+1:

[kate tempest renegade video]


Worth noting that Margaret Thatcher was more proud of the notion that she was the first Prime Minister with a science degree, rather than the first Prime Minister who was a woman.


I’m also going to nominate @twentynine’s mum



Shauna Coxsey (climber)
Organised the first women’s climbing symposium when she was 17 (I believe) which is now a big annual event promoting female participation.
Trustee of the Climbers Against Cancer charity - gave a terrific speech at the world championships a few months back in this role.
World bouldering champion this year.
Generally doing a fantastic job as the GB ambassador for climbing’s upcoming olympics debut.


JE-H is often down at my parkrun with her dog and child. She has an incredibly high threshold for sweaty runners trying to get selfies with her (not me, I’m far too respectful)


That must be such a pain in the arse. She is fucking wonderful though. What kind of dog does she have please?



I’m not great on dog breeds sorry, if only there was a way I could upload a photo of it to twitter to find out eh


If only…


this was it (labrador of some sort?)


felt a bit uneasy c+p ing a unwanted pap shot of a pregnant national treasure, sorry Jess


That’s a chocolate labrador alright! Welcome to the @GuessWhoof team!




Sorry, I don’t find sports which utilise methods of transport to be impressive. May as well say the driver of the 0852 to Cannon St that I was on this morning is an inspiration to me.