Information for DiSers b/w @escutcheon's Fridge Thread

Just had a new fridge delivered. Extract from the instruction manual:

You’re welcome


Bold of them to consider Off as a setting.

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hope your new fridge brings you joy!

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So the dial essential does crank up the power


Bammers, you have no idea. The old one had extended periods every day when it sounded like a washing machine on spin cycle. On Monday this week I punched it so hard I bruised my knuckles.

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Yes it does

yeah they sure do make some fun noises sometimes

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You turn it up to.make it colder? And up is down now?!?

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But who actually does that? Do fridge owners think “You know what? This week I’m going to have my milk two degrees colder. Crank that dial!”?

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Yes, if you’re milk is going off too quickly then you might do this

If you are milk

I am


So they’ve put the hottest setting right next to the coldest setting? Surely the coldest bit would be furthest away from the hottest bit?

i have a fridge thread for today as well, literally came here to post it

My current fridge doesn’t have a dial, just some up and down buttons to set a target temperature which I think is much more sensible

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Title adjusted accordingly. Let’s do this thing together

Dont understand why this is a thing honeslty

The higher a setting the more of the thing it do

You would be surprised just how much it can confuse a DiSer

I’m currently waiting for ‘the gases to settle’. The delivery guy said wait 5 hours, the manual says 2, Google says 24. All seems a bit arbitrary to me.

The correct answer is:

How long to leave a fridge before plugging it in
  • 2 hours
  • 5 hours
  • 24 hours
  • Other (please specify)
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