Information you have retained that has served you no purpose

Osmosis is the movement of water from a high concentration to a low concentration through a partially permeable membrane

You can’t fly in the third trimester

The four stages of a petrol engine are suck, squeeze, bang and blow.

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0891 50 50 50


What colours various football teams play in. Has literally no useful real world applications.

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0800 00 1066

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A load of shit about some dumb fucks on a music website.

My first girlfriend’s mobile number.


Edinburgh is further west than Bristol

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you got me and jook mixed up earlier, you need to try harder

Dieter Brummer only brushes his teeth once a day

happy thursday

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Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity predicts a maximum atomic number for the periodic table, because a fixed speed of light means that past a certain nuclear size, electrons would be unable to move fast enough to travel around it because they’d need to exceed the speed of light.

The same osmosis quote almost word for word.

And shit about arable farming and mott and baileys.

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U shaped valleys were made by glaciers

The reg numbers of my dad’s vehicles from when I was a kid
OAL 669P
ANU 875Y
C131 ORA

My very energetic maiden aunt just swan under north pier

What’s the aunt for?


gosh there’s so much. i remember my first mobile number, when i had a 3310!

But that’s not a planet. What a terrible mnemonic.