Informercial style products (e.g. Snuggies) were actually designed disabled* people


*apologies if I should use a different term here. I see sort of conflicting comments on this word from people I follow on Twitter.

Anyway, this Tweet:

Interesting, eh?


You’re going to have to edit the thread title so I can make some sense of this


What about the grill


Or the blender
That’s all the infomercial products ever iirc


Is the Insanity Workout as named then?



Lot of examples in the image in the Tweet linked to, e.g. things to let you crack an egg with one hand or pour juice without much strength, effort.

And the point about Snuggies being easy for wheelchair users.


or the thigh master


thought you were talking about nappies tbh

i’d call a snuggie a slanket


Did you know that the 90s ITV programme ZZZAP! was made as a programme for deaf children and it got so popular that it ended up getting a pretty long run in a prime national kids’ TV slot. That was a good kids’ programme


Wrong thread



My mum was an Occupational Therapist and the catalogues of equipment she used to use were filled with gadgets and kit and stuff that are now commonplace. A lot of them were developed by council OTs working with biomedical engineers.

The material used to make tempur mattresses was first used as a type of support cushion in small amounts, for example, and the conical jam-jar openers were developed for people with limited dexterity.

The triangular prism shaped pieces of plastic that you slide onto the end of a pencil to stop them rolling off a table originally came from teachers who taught stroke victims.


I did not know this but I have never heard of that programme, possibly because I was 15 in 1990.




I hadn’t been born in 1990, old man


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