Infuriating shit that you do at work

Mugs game that, take control of the meeting and give everyone else actions


  • Drum on my desk
  • Tap my feet
  • Wear headphones and play music extremely loud. No-one else can hear it, but I can hear nothing around me
  • Spend a lot of time on
  • Say “fucking hell” or similar every time Photoshop is a dickhead
  • 3-4 dumps per day

Frankly they’re lucky to have me.

Sometimes I swear and give my screen the finger. I pretend it’s because I’m passionate about my work but usually it’s just one of you being a dickhead.


Then you become the default organiser - taking and sending out minutes and chasing everyone else up on the tasks you gave them. Which is also a mugs game

That’s the pms job

My work stopped having them for some reason, so now it’s anarchy

33% chance on any given day that ill start to act like a child, literally

  • I access DiS on my work computer
  • I access DiS at work, but only on my phone
  • I do not access DiS during the work day

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I’d say every 5-10 minutes (unless I’m properly engrossed in something/someone important is nearby), I go to Chrome, go to Facebook, go to DiS. Remain on DiS.

Maybe it’s just because of my propensity for filth threads and oversharing but I cannot even imagine logging into DiS on my work computer

Being a mac user, I’m very much immune from the overlords at any business I’ve even been a part of. It’s great, until something doesn’t work properly.

Shout at Adobe premiere for being a massive twat

Export faster and with captions you bellend