Ingenuity: A Thread to Celebrate Genius and the Human Spirit

Just found myself without a teaspoon in the kitchen.

Without missing a beat I picked up a knife from the cutlery holder and stirred my coffee with it.

I realise I’ve set the bar high here but what feats of next-level improvisation or other cerebral wizardry have you performed lately?


my hive speaker broke so now when I’m in the kitchen I put my phone in a bowl and it projects the music like a speaker.

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if I’m in the shower I put it in the sink for the same effect

I’m glad you weren’t intimidated by the level of ingenuity in my OP.

You’ve done reasonably well here.

Once I was in a public loo and there was no toilet paper, but the cardboard tube was still there. So I ripped it up and used that.


I respect that.

Cardboard may not have the same qualities as tissue paper but it’s an admirable alternative. One is rather shaving off the offending article than wiping it away.

I forgot the power cable to my work laptop, so I’m WFHing using a cat5 cable instead of WiFi, and with the monitor brightness minimised. Not sure who’s winning in this scenario though.

This is AI business.

I said Human ingenuity/

Did a robot plug in the cable and minimise the brightness? No, didn’t think so.

Regulalry use a nappy instead of a sanitary towel when I’ve run out. For the record a toddler nappy is pretty much the same size as a towel once laid out flat so it’s not like I’m wearing giant baby attire.

Didn’t it though? If you think about it.

I’m glad we’re not talking Adult Baby stuff here. That’s not what this thread was for.

Full marks for your ingenuity.

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if you ever get very wet shoes you can put napies inside to dry them out

As environmentally damaging as they are, they do have their uses.

I’ll try them out in different scenarios if I have any left once she’s potty trained and report back.

just put a load in a room with your wet washing - macgyver dehumidifier

I was just thinking some sort of dehumdifier. Or maybe if I wrapped a broken phone in one it might replace the bowl of rice.


I just dropped a pen that I was holding in my hand, and I went to grab it before it hit the floor and I was really close!


The adult baby takeover is back on


The bar has been set too high ITT already.

Once couldn’t get the cover for the tow hook off so used the suction pad from the sat nav to pull it off