Ingredients for a joke


Can someone put this together please?

Based around Lambourgini sounding a bit like a type of curry; a Lamb Bourgini
Lambourginis are fast, curry goes through you fast, something about the runs.

Can we get something sorted before lunch please? Thanks.




When we’re done with that can we please work on mine?

The punchline is: antisceptic cream


Bourgini doesn’t sound like a type of curry


“I didn’t think anything could cure my hypochondria, until I tried this anti-sceptic cream”.


Sounds more like little lamb burgers than a curry.


YES! Excellent, thank you


I took my wife out for an Indian Meal in my new sportscar last night.
No, Chicken Madras.


Here you go, spunky.

Man on bus: I spent £300k on what I thought was a new sports car but it turned out to be a tiny burger made of baby sheep.

Woman on bus: I don’t know you, why are you telling me this?


MARLEN: Lamb Bourgini

RUSTY: Hahahahahaha!


Thanks everyone