Ingrowing hairs

Failures. Absolute failures.

They’re there to make your skin look nice from the inside. Keep the muscles interested. You lay off them

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Idk if they count as ingrown hairs but sometimes my beard hairs grow in a clump into one Megahair that is really satisfying to pluck out.

This sort of thing.



I get a twofer in my left eyebrow. Didn’t realise they could go higher!

I didn’t know this!

I feel a little sick looking at that


Hair Witch Project


Never had one actually

I get these but only as a one-er and only in my nose

Pal of mine had one on his arse that he needed to have surgically removed and then they botched stitching him back up again so his arse got infected for a dangerously prolonged period and he had to wear adult nappies for months which coincided with a stag do that we were all on. Luckily my friendship group is kind and empathetic and treated this with the understanding required from the severity of the situation.

Something to look forward to

This thread just got worse and worse with every word, though I didn’t see the ending coming.


How did they fuck up an arse? Doesn’t seem like a complicated part of the body

Gross incompetence to the point where legal action was advised, basically didn’t sew him back up again

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I’d imagine that the nearer the anus, the trickier it’d be


That’s shocking!

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That’s insane and very sad to hear, I hope your friend is better now.


Yeah I suppose that’s true

I see videos on the internet of people pulling out foot long ingrown hairs and I’m really jealous because i only get one or two a year and they’re never longer than a centimetre

How do you know if you have an ingrowing hair?