Ingrown Toenails

Nightmare, aren’t they?

Fetch the bread knife

I’ve had one fucking murdered. Had to go to the doctors in Ordsall for me troubles. Take care of your toenails kids.

Alright, fiona apple


I had operations on both big toes many years ago - a result of the combination of ill fitting shoes and playing squash

I’ve been doing self surgery with tweezers, nail clippers and a nail file every few nights for about a year now. Just yanked a satisfyingly large, jaggy bit of nail out of my toe flesh. Pleasing.

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Had a really bad one one time and the nail ended up coming off completely (surprisingly it’s not painful when the underneath is exposed). And then it/a new one grew back!

I’ve had that happen after them getting badly bruised playing football. Tempted to take a hammer to this ingrown one in an attempt to achieve the same thing.

I can’t remember whether it had to be given a helping hand to come off. I know I was booked in for a minor surgery but I didn’t go in for it in the end for some reason.
I wonder if there’s a limit to how many nails you can lose?

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No there isn’t your toenail has basically a root unless you take that out your toenail just keeps growing.

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I worked in a small podiatrist’s surgery for a while and hearing some of the screams from sorting out ingrown toenails…nooooo thanks

When I had mine done the doctor actually cackled when he pulled out his big scissors.

He had numbed my foot beforehand though in fairness