Injuries in annoying places

I smashed my hand a bit at climbing last night.

It’s fine, just sore, but it meant I had to cut my session short, which was annoying.

Today, I can’t wear my watch and it stings every time I put my hand in my pocket. Annoying!

Anyone else got anything? Can we make a thread of this?

I peeled some of my middle finger nail half off and half attached so it’s getting snagged a lot

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Oooh, that sounds annoying.

I can’t decide on leaving it so snag or tear it off and risk blood and pain

I usually trim it back as far as I can without it coming off so it snags less. Then eventually it’s less painful to rip the rest off.

Good luck!

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I once barked my shin in the Yorkshire Dales

I grated my thumb a couple of weeks ago and picked the scab off this week. It’s still quite sore.

Terrible bread knife slipped on some sourdough.

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I don’t know what barking is (other than dog talk), will I regret googling it?

Oh Keith, one on each hand? Maybe get some kitchen gloves?

Mosquito bite on my ankle where my sandals and boots rub it making it worse


UR a kitchen glove M8

Alright, sore thumbs. Carry on grating yourself.

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Don’t really have any right now, but I’ve twisted my knees a few times (one knee at a time though thankfully) so they get all swollen and can’t be used for their primary function, bending. Extremely annoying and complicates everything.

Sounds very annoying, but does it mean you get to lie down a lot?

Not really any more than usual, plus lying down is also more uncomfortable.

That’s beyond annoying! :frowning:

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You know that bit of your palm that’s the bottom part of your thumb, you kno2, the bit where you test how cooked a steak is? Well i took a wee chunk out of that, while dicking around with a wicker basket the other day. Was made worse while juicing a lime the next day. Well annoying.

Ooh, I learned something today

Why are you eating human hands


Love a bit of finger food