Inktober is a yearly drawing challenge. You have to make a drawing in pen and ink every day in the month. You can either use the prompts they give you or draw whatever the hell you want.

I forgot to do yesterday’s as I didn’t realise it was October, but here’s day 2, done this evening.


I just looked this up to see some heraldry terms

and my bf accused me of not knowing what heraldry means :cry:

someone should do a t-shirt that is pictures of cats showing different heraldic positions… sounds like the sort of thing that would have been on a brtisih sea power t-shirt


I was looking up reference pictures to check what their feet look like, and their little feet look like the boots of suits of armour, so that’s why I drew it like that.


I’m not doing this as I can barely draw a stick person, but my wife is:


I guess this is a Pangolin Passant Sinistre


found my cat of arms that actually describes my name and everything


sorry I meant to post about inktober to say I’m going to do this even though I can’t draw :slight_smile:


It’s ok to get distracted by cats.


why have those heraldic animals always got their tongues out?


thought this meant we’d be getting tats


I saw a cat with a screaming squirrel in its mouth this morning :cry:


This is brilliant!


Here are some of my favourites so far.


fuck sake, why can’t it just be normal (i.e. shit) drawings so we can all have a go


these are lovely


You’ve signed up to this now. You’re legally obliged to get a new tattoo every day this month.

Using the prompts. Today’s theme is “poison”.

Can’t wait to see your tattoo for “filthy”.


Drawing what I want and will probably forget most of the time, I have fulfilled my 16yo self’s dream and started buying copic markers so I’m just practicing, I really suck though and it’s just for fun :sweat_smile:


That’s the little totoro by the way drew it off by heart so he looks a bit funny


Day three- just a quick sketch this time- a product I saw in a dream. The prompt was “poison”. How’s my patent chances @Epimer?


Could’ve got it done but you’ve went and disclosed it now.

Next time.