insense smells oil diffusion of smells thread

inc. candles

I might buy or even make a little oil burner that you put those chocolate bars of oil into.

I’ve a couple of scented candles
1x insense burner (don’t like the smoke too much)
1x little spray diffusers but i don’t like it
1xempty glade plugin.

ok you go now

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got a stone you put the oils on that warms up, no smoke or candles needed

pine is my favorite


Quite fussy about scents (mostly because I have sinus issues and scents get distorted) but I love a cotton/linen scent, it’s the best


Really want an oil diffuser from muji, it’s like £50 and totally unjustifiable as a purchase but if it ever gets to half price I’m there

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how does the stone get warm?

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In our living room we’ve currently got

  • An espresso candle
  • A vanilla and sandlewood candle
  • A winter fir candle
  • An oil burner and a selection of wax melts
  • Insense burner

In our bedroom there’s

  • Another oil burner
  • An oil diffuser
  • Insense burner
  • A “starry night” candle

One scented candle
Incense burner
Room atomiser steam thingy
Three plugins
One wax melt burner

Jeezus I am resolutely on my bullshit

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If its a wax melt burner then mine is electric

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it can’t overheat but it’s easy to forget to turn it off


12 x Scented Candles (assorted)
11 x Reed Diffuser/Oil Diffuser
4 x Neutrodol Neutralising scent things
1 x wax burner (but never use it)

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I don’t like any of these things

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My sister wanted an electronic diffuser for Xmas, had to wire my brother £30 for this.

That’s my only current smell diffusion story (discounting farts)

Got lots of scented candles. Mainly use them when I’m having a bath.

Favourite ones I’ve used are Lily Flame rose and jasmine

My boyfriend bought a Glade brand scented candle and I dislike the smell so much that it has to live in a cupboard in the spare room because I can’t be in the same room as it

sometimes I do the zoflora on the radiator trick