Insert clever Monday title here

Why no day thread yet? Probably two by the time I post this, aye.

Rain, wfh, some cba levels, feeling a little bit Thursday

What’s going on?

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Cba with this rain. Nothing further to report.

So irked. The all you can eat breakfast here isn’t buffet service. So it’s impossible to have a dozen hash browns without the guilt of telling someone to bring them to you.


That’s outrageous


Yeah. Going to get some porridge pots and have breakfast in my room for the rest of the week. I’m furious

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ITT so far: people with B&W / grayscale avatars

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Morning all. Dread levels are pretty high: I’ve got a new starter starting this morning, which I always find really awkward. Are the rest of the department going to make her feel welcome? Is the IT equipment going to be ready? Am I going to end up droning on all day and make her not want to come back the next day? It’s probably my least favourite part of line management.

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absolutely beautiful, crisp, fresh, Nordic autumn day here today. ALL the colours are out and the city looks fit

I’ve been in work and staring at my computer for an hour. Have sent 4 emails & now my brain has just seized up/shut down and I can’t concentrate…but to be honest there isn’t much I can do until I get some replies from those mails and a few I sent on Friday/over the weekend.

I’m two whole days in the black on my flexi-time account. Seriously considering just leaving the office & going for a long walk/to my studio.

(also feeling a bit Thursday too tbh but then I pretty much always am)

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That’s really lovely of you to worry about those things though, you’re such a considerate person and they’ll be lucky to work with you.


Morning good!

Had an absolute mare last night and went to bed early without changing into pjs or brushing my teeth, felt proper disgusting when I woke up.

Relatively smooth morning so far getting R out. Have an aspergers group thing to go to this morning that I don’t particularly want to go to, but had my one on one appointment cancelled last week so really need to talk to my contact person as I am a wreck rn.

Wearing a nice new striped top though, this will probably be the only good part of my day. It is very cosy.


what do you think of these boots Scout/anyone?

Should I get them?


I like them. And yes, you should.


Very good boots, get them.

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Oooo yes, they’re very you.

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Imagine using cash on a bus in 2019!


I’m glad you’re cosy. Hope the meeting goes well FL, and you feel better about things soon :purple_heart:


Just arrived down in Gatwick. Got a few hours to kill before my meeting, gonna go find some breakfast someplace in town.

Thank you :purple_heart:


I have to come home from my mini holiday today. It’ll involve:
A 15 minute walk to my mate’s hotel
A half hour taxi ride
An hour and a half train ride
A three hour wait in Bordeaux
A bus ride to the airport
A flight back to Gatwick
Another train ride
Another walk

I probably won’t be home until about 9pm tonight.

Why haven’t we invented teleporters yet?

Morning Scout and all. Got a cold that I’m blaming on the millions of students who have arrived bringing all their germs.

It’s my second Japanese class tonight but for some reason they’ve enrolled me on the wrong module so I can’t download any of the course materials. Gonna make sure I sit far away from the older guy I was next to last time who decided that I’d appreciate him giving me the answers to the worksheet instead of letting me get on with it myself.