Insert clever Monday title here

Is that the sound of the worlds smallest violin playing the sad song called “Rob Went On Holiday”?


Urgh have to do this on Thursday

Lying in bed listening to the rain and trying not to go back to sleep cause we’ve got a load of things being delivered at a non-specific time, could quite happily stay here all day as it goes.

Well on the plus side I’m not currently lying on an air mattress.

Oh god, when i did Japanese there was a old guy there who had been to Japan like 4 times on business trips and thought he knew everything about Japan due to this.


Feel a a bit shit, so was thinking of sickying but have a gig near work so might as well go in.

Sickie in process.

Going to have some Weetabix then walk up to the Post Office depot to collect a parcel. Probably get a coffee from Greggs as well.

Sorry to rub it in.


Not sure why I got such an early flight, I really didn’t have to. :thinking:

Absolutely cracking weekend, so although I’m tired I’m feeling pretty good this morning. Wonder how long that will last - have an absolute hell-week this week. I’m writing some maths books for EYFS kids on top of my day job and the deadline is this week. I’m very behind so it’s going to be a long-as-hell week.

Then I’m off on holiday so it’s not all bad.

Just at work wondering what to have for dinner tonight

where are you going?

Rainy rainy rainy. Might be off to look at a new rental property later. Who knows.

I’m off to Brač (Croatia), and staying right next to the Golden Cape. Can’t effing wait.



Tbf I have to do absolutely nothing in the meeting I’m going to, is a good waste of my time


I have no idea what that is but it looks :yum:

Wow, perfect :bread::bread::bread: Great baking skills

Yeah man, it’s been a hellish work summer so I’m totally ready to go.

Ok then, IKEA delivery is apparently coming between 12.41 and 1.41, what do we reckon?

  • Before 12.41
  • 12.41-1.11
  • 1.11-1.41
  • After 1.41

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This guy in Derry Girls really reminds me of @barleysugar