Inside Number 9 Mega Thread

Don’t care what you think but love those guys LoG, the brilliant Psychoville and Number 9 (obviously can be a bit mixed). This series has been really good fun so far, liked the Chrimbo special too.

Do you feel better for having read this? I hope so.


the only one I’ve seen is the Krampus one, which was pretty good. Maybe I’ll watch some more, maybe not.

Havent got around to it yet. It good then?

Yeah the two that have been on have both been pretty good fun. I’m sure there will be a stinker round the corner.

I’ve only seen three I think. One on a train. The one in the tapas place. And a Sheridan Smith one?

I’ve loved all of these. It’s a testament to the writing that just 30 minutes can cram humour, drama and usually a twist all into one episode. Big fan.

That cryptic crossword one was very clever wasn’'t it Lonz?

It really helped to reinforce my hatred of cryptic crosswords and those that do them.

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Too many rules innit.

Really pleased that this is back on TV.

My kids have really got into this, started with the xmas special and went back to all the older ones - and are loving the new episodes

It’s good fun

I thought the cryptic crossword one was fucking brilliant. Just pure class. All of that packed into half an hour. Very well written. The Bill one was good too. Seems like they took their time writing this series hope the rest are as good!

Back last night, the first episode was sublime.

yeah it was really good

Think I need to stay out of this thread though - my new years resolution needs to be to stay out of threads that inevitably suck the joy out of fun TV shows and movies (e.g. Black Mirror and TLJ).
Not directed at you though @Joke - just the way these threads always seem to end up going


despite being a big fan of LoG and Psychoville i’ve only just got round to Inside No 9. watched the new one and then discovered all the old ones are currently on iPlayer for another week or something.

have been binging through it this week, nearly halfway through series 3 now. it’s almost always excellent. 12 Days of Christine had me in bits.

The one about the granny’s birthday party was spectacular

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The crossword episode, holy shit

Are all of these self contained stories, or is there any narrative thread that means you’re better watching them in order?

Watched the first two of series 1 last night, loved them both. Only the first two series’ are on Netflix though, so I’m tempted to watch the later series’ on iplayer before they disappear then come back to these if there’s no reason not to.

yeah no links between them at all - do it


Couldn’t agree more. My only gripe with this forum.

Other than that I spend my whole life here and it’s fine.

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Enjoyed last night’s a lot more than the first one. :+1: