Inside Number 9 Mega Thread

Yes I did too, he was the one I was most suspicious off…completely threw me.

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interesting fact, turns out Poppy Hillstead did this poster

(formerly of Gossipmongers, now of Poppy Hillstead Has Entered The Chat)


(i don’t think it’s very good) - not sure why Shearsmith’s character is on the phone

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Is he on the phone to represent the complaints he kept receiving from the room next door?


hotel managers answer the phone a lot

i like all the posters they do for the episodes


oh yeah

I like the posters too, they’re a good teaser before the episode too imo.




Mother of God!


Didn’t realise this was back! Just stormed the first three episodes.

1…like fine but very much thinks it’s clever panto

2…better. Liked the characters and although you could sort of see twists coming it was much more like it

3…excellent stuff. Really caught me out. Think the ones that are really tinged with sadness are the best.


Absolutely agree with this, they are just so beautifully done.


I thought 1 was a pretty brave way to start a new series on account of how weak it was

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:smiley: proper good tonight gang

Just started off, Rana from.Corra!


Dunbar was good value


The rapid-fire debunking explanations by the couple was a good scene.

Not totally sold on the ending twist, if I’m honest. Difficult to buy into. We’re led to believe that the parents were oblivious. Would’ve been darker and more plausible (though still a stretch) if one or both were in on it. Probably better if it were just the mum in on it in - that’d be the darkest, as there would be that extra layer of deception, and the aggro dad would be an unlikely innocent party (would prefer a less spooky mum in this scenario).

Also, I’m not sold on the daughter character. Not sure the (implied) learning disabilities thing was necessary or fair. Felt like a hackneyed shorthand.


I thought it was alright, a good watch. Steve Pemberton again played an excellent role. It wasn’t my favourite of the season so far, but not my least favourite either.

I think like you @TheWza It would have been a lot better if the mum was in on it, and the dad was oblivious. That would have just had that more plausible edge, and made sense as to why there was the tension between the two.

I’ll be listening to the Inside Inside No 9 podcast this morning, as is now Tuesday routine after morning team call - so may have some more thoughts then.


I didn’t buy the ending at all - wouldn’t carrying a dead corpse around…smell a bit?

I think I would have preferred it if Shearsmith’s character did work out what happened to the kid with clues from the script and his environment but the way they did it waa a bit weak - a photo of someone in trousers and hair removal cream seemed to be the most of it

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I suppose so, the only way to make it more plausible would have been if the whole family was in on it. It was just a skeleton at that point so guess it wouldnt smell any more? Though i’m no expert on decomposition.

Ooh yes, that would have the potential to work quite well. I’m just listening to the podcast now and they say that they intentionally made those clues weak - ultimately because of the ending I suppose? I’m not sure. I think I might have to rewatch once i’ve finished listening to the podcast.