Inside Number 9 Mega Thread

If you do rewatch , have a look to see if you spot the hand is like a skeleton in any of the before shots

Did enjoy Dunbar’s character in it - the scene where he actually does the scene was pure Partridge


Ah yes, good shout - I don’t recall seeing them before on the doll, but equally I wasn’t looking out for them… I also need to look out for the hare in this epsiode.

Yes, I did really enjoy Dunbar’s character - they were saying on the podcast that how he brought way more to it than was scripted, and it wasn’t specifically written with him in mind, but they were very glad when they got him.

Well now I don’t know what to think.


feels like this was definitely supposed to be a sillier one so they can sort of get away with outlandish things a bit more than in one of the more serious eps like last week.

an enjoyable enough episode but not one of the stronger ones, Dunbar was the main draw


I’m sorry to disappoint :wink: :joy:

They’ve just won the best scripted comedy bafta…

“BAFTA TV Awards – Live Updates – Variety” ‘I May Destroy You’ Wins Two Prizes at BAFTA TV Awards – Variety


Short interview but a nice watch, and Reece seems to be a genuinely nice person.


Well that was probably my favourite episode of this series so far, excited to hear the podcast tomorrow now.

Strong horror vibes with some typical, well executed dark comedy moments. I love horror so the devil/pact with the devil and decent to hell was perfection for me and Steve was perfect in the role.

The reference to Mephistopheles/Mr Mistoffeles tickled me too.

The twists were unguessable for me this week, did not predict them at all so that’s a bonus.


Yeah the best one of the series by far for me. I just assumed that Shearsmith was a family member of the victim of one of Jacobis clients but that turned out much better.

Is there anything in the name Urban Bedford? Was trying to work out if it was an anagram or something as thats an unusual one

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Yeh I thought it would be something more like that, along the lines of Riddle Of The Sphinx kind of thing. Very well done that. The lighting and score just seemed perfect too for the whole horror vibe.

I’m not sure about this, like you say the name does sound very unusual. Hoping they reveal more in the podcast.

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Just been on the reddit thread and apparently the podcast does reveal more about the names, let me know what it is please when you find out!

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Oh nice. I always listen to it Tuesday morning, so will update here as soon as I find out. :blush::+1:

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No probs!

Also I didnt spot the hare…again. Did you see it?

I didn’t but if I’m being honest I also wasn’t keeping an eye out for it purely because I am rubbish at spotting it!

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I’m terrible at spotting it but I keep trying, I’m not sure why…one week I’ll get it.

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Next week pause every scene and have a look, might take you a while to watch it though

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Enjoyed that, wasn’t expecting it to go where it did. I watch it sat there like :thinking: analysing (or trying to) every bit of dialogue for meaning and they still consistently surprise me. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t so keen on Simon Says because I did kind of see the twists coming. Jacobi was great tonight, really enjoyed the zingy dialogue in the first half, it flew by.

Rewatched Stakeout recently, that’s got to be one of my favourite episodes

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Absolutely this, the back and forth was so well written and performed.

the score was great

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