Inside Number 9 Mega Thread

Best of the series.

Was the grandad portrayed as having an illness just so he could shout 'funny’phrases? I don’t remember it having any other effect on the story, same with the birthday present thing

Probably representing a link between senility and nationalism, but also to show the relationship between him and the couple who care for him (for whatever reason) and the couple who don’t.

Think it was a good episode showing the poisonous effect Brexit has had on people on both sides of it - even if it’s just brought underlying personalities to the fore.

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kept having to turn the volume down so the neighbours didn’t hear Rule Britannia blaring out of my living room


I thought it was very bold. It had a very decent swipe at tackling the themes of Mike Bartlett’s ‘Albion’ and Jez Butterworth’s ‘Jerusalem’ in half an hour, with a bit of Abigail’s Party thrown in.

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I definitely got an Abigail’s Party vibe - and you might have a point about Jerusalem. I haven’t read that since I saw it about 10 years ago - would be good to see how Rooster Byron sounds post-Brexit.

I don’t understand the religious aspect, I’m probably being overly literal? they explained away the miracles (broken glass causing stigmata etc) and then at the end Yusuf was seemingly resurrected, so how does having a Jesus figure tie into the divided country theme of the rest of the episode? His death seemed to reconcile the family, and as the family stood as a microcosm of Britain what is that saying? I’m really not sure what they were trying to get across.

Really looking forward to hearing more about what Steve and Reese were going for.

I saw it as a bit like this is what would happen to Jesus if he was around today. Seemed very sloppy to me

That’s what I saw it as too.

Still not had chance to listen to the podcast, but like @Flittermouse hoping to hear more about what Reese & Steve were going for/what they were intending to get across.

Thinking about it a little more, I didn’t like it as I thought some of the charecters were a bit…on the line and brash, and like you @TKC just found it a little sloppy…but i’ll reserve further judgement until i’ve listened.

I’ve just realised i should have blurred my post earlier where I mention the plot points, I’m sorry if anybody got spoiled, I wasn’t thinking.

Just listened to the podcast, quite interesting. Did everyone just know that Jerusalem is about Jesus supposedly visiting England in his missing years or is it just me who had no idea? never thought about it at all. It makes kore sense to me now. Otherwise yes it sounds like you were spot on with it being about how we treat outsiders today, and by extension how we would treat Jesus if he just turned up.

I’ve never watched the proms, I didn’t realise there was a performative aspect, like the weeping during Tom Bowling, really interesting.

I knew that about Jerusalem but I would like to know who invented that notion, which would obvs be pure bollocks. That’d be a right trek in those days eh. I mean is it a notion invented by and for England?

Think it was an odd episode, I guess the whole idea was to shine a light on what modern is like to visitors and taken to the extreme of Jesus wouldn’t stand a chance.
Don’t think it all really fell together.
I wonder if this is one of the episodes that would have been in season 7 and could have been doing with more time working on the script.

Yeah, a really weird idea, I’d be interested in knowing where Blake drew it from. This was always going to be in 6, they started filming it pre pandemic, March 2020 then had to literally pack everything up and resume filming in November. I didn’t see the joins. FWIW they were really proud of this one.

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I wonder how they felt about the first episode.
Sometimes they try to be a bit too clever and it just doesn’t come together.
Mixed bag of a serious book ended by a total turd and a mess of an episode that could have been a real cutting commentary on Britain.

i appreciate what they were aiming for in the first episode a bit more now that i’ve heard the podcast - it’s a take on this which is apparently a key thing you learn in drama school

but still can’t see myself rewatching it and not sure it really works for a standard viewing audience who haven’t been to drama school

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Just thought it was a bit shit tbh and the comedy wasn’t funny.

I can’t believe they wasted Alan Johnson like that!

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yeah i didn’t like it, but it’s a relief to know they were trying to do a clever highbrow thing that didn’t work rather than just not understanding what on earth they were going for at all.

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Oh aye I get that.
But like, I’d never take the time to listen to someone explain what they were going for after they made something shit.
I’m not going to listen to a Michael Bay podcast like :smiley:

Listened to the podcast at lunch. Like you @Flittermouse it helped me to make alot more sense of the episode (particularly regarding Jerusalem - I had no idea about that either and the massive performative aspect of certain songs within the Proms).

I also found it particularly interesting in the podcast about how they wanted the end to be left to the audience to decide which reality it was - Penny’s or the rest of the groups.

Still feel the same about it and didn’t particularly enjoy the episode & think it didn’t flow very well though.

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Agreed. It could have been a good episode, and after how incredible last week’s was I do feel disappointed with it and how the season ended.

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Same. I think when I come to rewatch S6 in the future I’ll probably be skipping the first & last episodes tbh.