Inside Number 9 Mega Thread

I thought that was the strongest series of it for a while, even though the first episode was imo pretty dire. As for that last one, I did like the atmosphere feeling uncomfortable and strange in a way sort of distinct from how the show usually feels.

And it’s nice to see jingoism getting unambiguously slagged off


Spotted on Twitter just now fyi…

Exciting new details coming soon about “The Insider’s Guide to Inside No. 9“ book - but for now I CAN tell you there will be a special edition of the book also…

— reece shearsmith (@ReeceShearsmith) June 22, 2021
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FYI, thought this may be of interest

Tickets on sale NOW for our Halloween Q&A launching our behind the scenes “Inside No.9” book:

— reece shearsmith (@ReeceShearsmith) June 24, 2021

Just caught up on the final episode.

^This, I reckon.

Great, great shout. The spiraling intensifying music. The character parallels. I wanna rewatch both, now.

Had a real Chris Morris vibe going on, too, I think, with the ‘just look at the fucking absurd state of where we’re at right now’ element.

Liked the ambiguous ending. Got me hyped for the new season of Fargo that I’ve not started yet, and wondering if there’ll be an unfathomable for-the-hell-of-it UFO type inclusion.

Possibly a total coincidence and entirely irrelevant, but didn’t Mitchell & Webb’s Back have a last ep of the series scene where they ripped up a DNA test?

think the DNA test happened mid-series, and it turned out the others had already read it and told him the result anyway, from what i remember. presuming you’re talking about the most recent series.

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