Insignificant moments in your childhood

That have really stuck with you, and maybe distorted your memories…

I realised that one of my favourite childhood memories is basically just eating French bread pizza for the first time. That whole summer (1997) was hot, and I played Mario and ate FBP everyday at my friend’s house, we sunbathed and tried fake tan, and used a LOT of Boots candyfloss lipbalm. But when I’ve actually thought about it I think it was just one day, and I’ve turned it into the entire summer, such was the intensity of trying crappy FBP for the first time.

*worth noting I also tried tiger bread for the first time that day, and a Capri Sun. What a day.

Anyway, tell me some small, probably boring, moments from childhood that you like to remember or that sum up a whole season for you.


Played football a lot in the park after tea all summer and in my head we always, always, used to hose the ball off so you could see it better in the dark. Think in reality we did it maybe twice.

used to really love staring at these little plastic light up carriages we used to have on the Christmas tree as a small child, lovely sickly pink, green blue and red colours that would glow softly, I have an instant warmth and fondness if I see similar colours now


Used to ride my bike around the empty car park of the forge up the road. Remember getting told off by a very angry man in a BMW once.

Also remember some kids from school trying to steal my fairly new football in the same car park, so my friend Stuart shouted for his dad (their house adjoined the car park) and he stuck his head over the six foot wall of their garden, asked “is this a game?”, then vaulted the fucking wall when we said no. Got the ball back.

Also remember Stuart’s mum shouting at me to give them back a ring binder folder they’d given me for my birthday (?!) when she was angry at him. He lay on his bed crying for a while. In retrospect I think she had a drinking problem.

I also remember it being a bit taboo that Stuart and I were even friends because he was a Protestant.

Ah, childhood.


I remember crying quite a lot when Jon Pertwee regenerated into Tom Baker.
23, I was


Were they these ones??

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shit I think they might be! Aaaah nostalgia mmmmm

My Dad’s still got them and he puts them on his Christmas tree every year!

They’re collectors items now. A box in good nick will set you back £200+ on eBay!

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Remember me and a friend bumping into a load of older scary boys that stayed in the area when we were about 9. Used to refer to them as ‘The Wide-os’. They kind of recruited us for the afternoon and had helped themselves to a load of plastic gloves from the petrol station, and were wearing them while they went about picking up dog shit and chucking it at peoples windows. Obviously took part in fear of being labelled ‘gay as fuck’ or something but felt really bad/scared the whole time.

Remember being told to go down a massive hill into some gravel on my tricycle

Remember the two same girls hiding in some bushes so they didn’t have to play with me

Remember the disease I was supposed to carry in junior school so no one would touch me

Childhood was gr9.

I remember the double buggy I used to share with my sister and it had red and white stripes and I remember being in it when it was raining and the see-through plastic cover thing was on and we went to the shop and I got a pack of Tooty Frooties

if I still had them I don’t think I would sell them tbh

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First big snowball fight in primary school. Our Catholic primary school and the Protestant primary school next to it were separated by a metal fence (because West of Scotland) and the one time there was enough snow to make snowballs the inevitable happened. Absolute carnage. Full playground vs playground sectarian violence. I remember my friend Mark getting hit in the face with a snowball thrown by someone who was perched on the fence, and feeling like the greatest hero who had ever lived when I got the person who threw it right in the back of the head.

Ah, childhood.

At high school I fancied this girl for ages. She was, to me, the hottest person in the school and I fancied so badly it was probably quite creepy in a teenage boy naive way.

One afternoon she asked me out, and I said yes, and we dated for what feels like ages. We were pretty physical for a 15 year old nerd, and I learned a lot about bras and thongs. Anyway, we split up because she didn’t think her family would approve, her being pakistani and stuff.

Anyway, I went back and chatted with friends about this a few weeks ago. The whole thing lasted maybe five weeks, tops. Hahaha.

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sorry you had to go through that

SO MANY smells as well from quite early in my childhood. A lot of these came back to me quite suddenly and vividly a few years ago for seemingly no reason at all. Daft things like the smell of certain toys, gloss paint in my bathroom, the smell of the heating vents in my gran’s house, the smell of fresh varnish on the floor of the gym hall in my primary school. Was convinced I was dying when all this came back to me the way it did.

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I was once cycling through the woods near my house aged maybe 12 when a guy and his pals stopped me, and shouted that I’d called him a “black bastard”. They got quite aggressive.

I had no idea why this was a bad thing, being a nerd and white, and basically shuffled off in confusion as to what he was talking about.

definitely this, the smell of creosote still reminds me of summers and being a kid as it seemed like every dad in the local area would be creosoting their fence the minute the sun was out

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Also if I recall correctly (VERY boring chat alert) his lights are wired in series as opposed to a parallel circuit. Means that if one of the bulbs goes, the whole lot goes out. Remember several Christmas build ups where he’d had to sit there swearing an awful lot whilst putting a new bulb into each and every single one to get them to work again.

Good contribution to this thread that actually.


I remember my mum getting me a tube of Smarties for while we waited at the bus station, and shaking the tube with the lid on because I liked the noise. Until the top popped off and all my Smarties fell on the ground. Mum was so annoyed with me that I genuinely carried the residual shame with me until getting therapised a few years ago.

Ah, childhood.