Insignificant moments in your childhood

I don’t want to go to therapy because I’m uncomfortable with the amount of stuff that might fall out of my brain that I’ve been repressing for a good couple of decades.

Ah, childhood indeed


Yeah, I feel this way every time I begin to seriously look back. Lot of uncomfortable and disturbing shit that happened which you just accepted or didn’t think about because that’s what kids do.

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I just try not to look back to be honest, but as I’ve got older I’ve had loads of memories kind of jump back up - some of them are lovely, but some of them do make me feel a bit queasy, without in any way meaning to suggest anything in particular or minimise anyone else’s childhood experiences.

Anyway, I also remember the specific type of hot chocolate we had on holidays in Switzerland TORY CHILDHOOD, which is a really nice thing. Really, really good hot chocolate.

I remember having my Mitre Premier League football stolen from me by some older lads when I was 12, then two weeks later I saw some younger kids playing with the same ball so took it from them but then felt really guilty taking the ball from them even though it was mine.

Still sometimes feel bad about it.

If one good thing can come out Brexit, it will hopefully be the unbanning of creosote.

(don’t really mean this as appaz it’s pretty dangerous, but still… that smell. Creocote is just not a match in any sense).

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I once did a routine at about the age of 5 or 6 I think where I shouted “I’M MARGRET THATCHER” and then got my knob out. I performed it in front of an audience comprised of my grandparents and great-grandparents on the side of my family who were all strict baptist Christians.


I can’t wait to get my hands on a bent banana again.

This is one of the most Thick of It things you’ve said

Insofar as it was a brutal work of satire (from a prodigious talent)?

my mate lived quite near the tennis club we were members of and remember one summer when they had the junior tournament on, we would go back to his and play nightfire on the gamecube in between matches. ended up just all of us quitting the tournament to play nightfire and eat buckets of haribo in his bedroom by the end of the week.

coulda gone pro if it wasn’t for nightfire, man.


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Pffft. My Dad made me creosote the shed once and I got some in my eye and I’m still here.

Also - proof that there really is a mumsnet thread for everything

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Exactly that!

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We had a teacher at middle school who would ‘inspect’ us after P.E. to see if we’d showered properly. Everyone knew he was dodgy but don’t think anything ever happened to him

Oh we had that too. :frowning:

1.sat watching sesame street eating a toasted sandwich
2. sat watching Animal Farm and shoving a load of tissue up my nose that my mum and piano teacher had to remove with tweezers


i accidentally dropped my cd single of this down the floorboards and made my mum drive to woolworths in the rain to replace it.

until she got home, i sat on the floor searching for a radio station that was playing it


:grin: love this

I remember making my gran decant some newly purchased shreddies into a tupperware container so I could cut up the box (there was a scene / background thing on there you were supposed to put the superhero transfers you got in the box on)

what a brat

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