Insomnia ffs

Hiya. Listening to Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, drinking a gin and have qvc on the telly on mute.

Put in 40k on the bike earlier and yet am I tired? Am i fuck.

Anyone else.

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I regret not having the Warhammer knowledge to run with this one.


I woke up about an hour ago after having some weird dreams. Now I’m extensively researching Durban’s underground dance scene because why not?


I do wake up and struggle to sleep and I hate it, but thankfully it isn’t nightly. Have weird dreams though regularly, today it was a dream that I was back at school (probably due to scout’s thread) but my teacher was acting weird, I asked her if she is ok and she said no because she was fired and is retiring early but will make the school pay. Turns out she hired a hitman to try to blow up local flats and then the school at the end and somehow it transformed to the Harry Potter universe and I could do magic and it was exciting and I was pretending to be her friend but was thwarting her plans, but I thought it was the 8th Harry Potter book and told myself I should read the first 7 before continuing and pulled myself from the dream and ended up in a more boring dream trying to find the books at home then I woke up. I mean…why


Sometimes struggle when I come off nights.

I’ll be tired and drop straight off at bed time. But then wake up about 1-2am and find it impossible to get back off.

Cant remember the last time I needed an alarm to wake me up :frowning:

had a good few nights over lockdown where I was awake from 3am-7am, then just dropped off for a couple of hours before waking up a groggy grumpy mess. For me it definitely feels tied to being less active or physically tired, but it’s also pretty random - never really tied to when I’ve been drinking, or nights when I stayed up later than usual etc

hate it obviously

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Griffit Vigo did a new mix for Fact this week, it’s very good


Sleep has been quite fucked during lockdown, possibly related to some medication I’m on. Rarely sleep through, often wake between 4 and 5 and then toss for a bit :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Have more or less given up drinking lately, which has helped somewhat.

I’m sure the parents of young children on the boards are reaching for their tiny violins by this point.

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do do
do do do
do do do
do do do do


Ah amazing - thanks!

ah sweet insomnia

happy to report i’m now semi reliant on medication!

Good use of the time :+1:

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Aye alright Soccer Mommy


Posting on behalf of my usually good toddler who screamed it up from 10 to 2.30 last night.

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Also hi hello, am distraught to report that if I have any amount of booze in the day/night then I simply will not sleep well. Very cruel trick to play on someone who really likes booze


cranberry is allegedly the best drink to have for sleep but it’s not worked for me :frowning:

Still feel like a zombie?


This is basically me, on average I’ll wake up at 3 and stay awake until 5.

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