I can’t get no sleep…


awww mate.

grab some nytol for the neet and catch up.

hope you get through the day ok.


Here’s a quick fix for insomnia:

I’d have 45 pints in about 2 hours, and then a packet a’ crips, and maybe an aul’ bag of peanuts, and then I’d have ten more anyway. And I’d wake up in the morning and Maureen would have the fry on, and I’d go at it again. There’d be no fuckin’ stopping me.

I’d take the shirt off of any mans back. Bastards.


I read something about trying to get to sleep, and it’s worked for me.

If you’re struggling to get to sleep, you try really hard to stay awake. Failing that, get out of bed and do something for 20 minutes. You’ll get tired. Lying in bed ‘trying’ to sleep is the worst idea though. Also, don’t go to bed till you’re tired.


No idea if this works for everyone but I find when it is insomnia because my brain doesn’t want to relinquish thinking, I start to tap a rhythm with my fingers on my arm, seems like repeating a pattern makes it quite compulsive to carry on, and the feeling on my arm is quite soothing, by the time I’m bored my mind has stopped racing


I ended up doing some work on the laptop. Didn’t get back to sleep


Diminishing returns


there’s too much shit about complaining about insomnia before the actual good bit of this song.