Inspired by your browsing history


Paste whatever Amazon says in here.

I have expressed no interest in these whatsoever but whatevs Amazon, whatevs.


Been looking for somewhere to dispose the bodies?


Pretty accurate to be fair.


This is very odd:


Intrigued by half a cardboard box…


I don’t think I’ve ever looked at phones.


been mulling over buying a new PC so this makes sense


reckon that’s a hoover bag mate. for your hoovers.


I dont see this, only inspired my my shopping trends


Scroll down a bit

Edit: what has my life become that I felt compelled to help propel this thread along?


Just loads of twine, I wanted to make a scratching post for the cats (which I’ve done nothing yet for except look at twine)


How do you get to that bit?
I don’t know.


Thanks pal, i had tried that :wink: only shows on my phone for some reason. Boring anyway.

In fact im gonna buy that It bluray right now. Thanks zexo




should “Additional Items to Explore” have it’s own thread?


more items to consider…

God I’m dull.


Holy shit I’ve just found that i’ve written a review?!

Hi 20 year old Meo


Why would I write that hahaha


Well it’s accurate.