Instagram 2.0


who you followin'?
can we follow you?

If so, what's yer @?

Let's talk about instagram


hey xylo


Hey Aggy, how're you?


(mainly bikes)


not bad mate, not bad. Shame I won't be able to contribute to this thread really isn't it?


you see, the thing is




I just have it for voyeuristic purposes really





I'm not on Instagram.


I don't even HAVE instagram


oh my god you just brutalised agg_pass


Enjoy it. Not been on it much recently mind. Mine is...



i shall follow you, and then you will know, you see


oh i already am. disregard


I thought that was the joke :smiley:


here it is. the camera on my phone is terrible (gonna get a new one in the sales) and i don't really tell people about it, nor do i post stuff off of my proper cameras - if i did i would OBVIOUSLY have loads more followers and be really popular.

going to a car dealership later (for the free filter coffee, obviously). will try and 'gram it.


I'm kallgeese there as well.


Yeah, I'm the same on there as i am on here