Instagram 2.0


Didnt work -_-


Also is space apricot one of you lot?


Mostly records and the odd landscape.


Space apricot is a brilliant name.


I am on Insta…

Quite the boring feed atm.


Anyone else get these blank notifications? Well annoying


Yes, yes I am


When are instagram gonna sort emselves out jb?


I have no idea :pensive: I keep getting loads of (very un)satisfying slime photos in my feed too idek why


My sister’s new dog is on Instagram if any of you like dogs’ Instagrams. Already has way more followers than me :frowning:


that is a good dog


that means a ghost is trying to follow you


I fell totally out of love with instagram ages ago when they went non-chronological

but now that I’ve got a new phone with a great camera I reckon I’m back on it - I even un-privated my profile for the first time ever today - may not last, who knows?

but anyways…


Your latest post is amazing.




Ta, that selfie lift is boss - probably deserves an insta of its own


Think you’re getting Instagram and Snapchat confused, pal.