Instagram 2.0


i might change my username so that it's not just my real name and then i feel less weird about posting it openly here even though half of you know my name anyway


fine. mainly nudes.


Not a fan of these new Snapchatty filters.


it's so hard not to just fill up my feed with my cat. daily struggle


Please don't eat your cat mate.


not... not great if i'm honest JRon


why can't they leave a good thing alone, maaaan


ikr, just gonna continue to use Insta as God intended. So help me if my feed is full of these shitting filters though :anguished:


I really, totally fell out of love with Instagram when they went non-chronological & as a result have pretty much stopped posting - haven't even done a 'story' yet

But here it is for those who want to stalk me


I've followed you in the hope that your feed is full of pictures of synths and drum machines.


I'm hoping for pictures of Swedish city skylines.


There's some of each. I can do more


I would very much like a picture of a Swedish city skyline wearing some dog ears and a lolling tongue.


Oh this has changed if anybody's arsed: @aguywalkshomealoneatnight


Surprisingly few pictures of my cat recently. Better change that shit.


Oh would you ?


that story you did the other day of that weird building was incredible, I loved it :heart_eyes:


I now follow you ALL.

I think.


eek, you :heart: and your glasses :heart: I love your styleeeeee :heart: