Instagram 2.0


Nawwww, you’re too kind! Thank you! :slight_smile:

that story you did the other day of that weird building was incredible, I loved it :heart_eyes:

Oh my god that was ridiculous. It’s on Old St!


Get a room!


:es::es::es: DiS ES ESPAÑOL :es::es::es:




omg no


no soy el español más español


is there a way to make it chronological again? it’s really annoying


^Massively this

I might look once a fortnight, and end up seeing a right hotchpotch of posts. Do not want!


why do they always fuck things up? it works, just leave it alone.


This is me. Pictures of beer, family, gigs and the occasional holiday snap. It’s not that interesting:


It’s just bikes. Occasional chicken.



I think I’ve totally given up on Instagram now


Tempted to umfollow anyone who does stories


Not been on the 'gram since they fucked up the feed.

Why are all social media pricks so against chronological feeds? Fuck you and fuck your algorithms.


Getting a lot of sponsored ads now too.


@roastthemonaspit - unsurprisingly


Arent we all just sponsoring adverts for our own lives? #makeuthink




guys, i’m not 100% sure @ericthefourth 's real name is Eric and @Jeremys_Iron’s name is Jeremy.


The mask has slipped…