Instagram 2.0


You’ll be telling that zxcvbnm’s real name isn’t ‘Dave, Leeds’ next.


I thought he was from ‘the toon’?


I followed a load of DiSers last time we did this but I don’t know who half of them are in relation to DiS username. So I quite often see things pop up in my timeline and wonder who the fuck they are :slight_smile:

Apart from Theo of course. Oh and Kallgeese.

Anyway @richie_ronco for photo’s of booze, records and my kids. Along with other assorted nuggets.


Five out my last seven pics have been of booze. Need to get some more dimensions to my game.


Bit harsh on your kids m9, I’m sure they’re perfectly nice.


Hi guys - which one of y’all got hacked and turned into a fake profile…? :slightly_frowning_face:


someone who me, emo, @andyvine and @chintzylacroix (chintzy?) follow

someone either LME or MME I figure. but… I really have no idea


I disabled mine so I don’t think it’s me! (New one is sugarysoftness if anyone wants to add me again)


I really like Instagram on the rare occasions that I have nice things to take pictures of, so I’m probably annoying the fuck out of everyone who follows me by posting excessive photos of :iceland: at the moment. if you want to be annoyed by intermittent bursts of travel pics and excessive hashtags, here you go x

(No pervy pics of me on there unfortunately for y’all.)


Here’s mine if anyone’s interested



you do DM’s tho, right?



U spanish hun?


Just cycling photos interspersed with people with no profile pic, no photos and a username like sammfimnanahg123 asking me for pics of my feet. 6/10.


Given the way that instagram’s algorithm-based feed works now, it’s more likely that no one’s seeing them…




:inbox_tray: :zero: :question: :thinking:




is there any way to turn off notifications for things nobody cares about?


it’s really fucking annoying innit