Instagram 2.0


yeah there’s a setting for “push notifications” in the app


jesus, you’re right. i don’t even understand what half of these things are. better turn em all off i suppose.


your post just reminded me that i am bloody sick of “so-and-so started a live video!”



soandso posted an instagram story for the first time
your something or other was something’d more than 23 times

give a shit mate, leave me alone ffs


Anyone else joined up of late? Increasingly spending more time on IG than FB. Feed me,


I really like instagram stories. And I’m really bad at listening to new music. Are there any good instagrams that fill their stories with music so I can find new music through instagram? looking forward to your reply.


Bit of a lurker on here, but thought I’d share anyway as some of you might like what I do. :slight_smile:

“I draw faces on things then write down the stories they tell me.”


not been back since they ruined it :frowning:


This is wonderful


Really hate that the stories it shows aren’t in chronological order. :frowning:


my instagram is still all chronological, think the key is to not follow many people


Yeah, I follow just under 200, but they’re mostly people I know. I’m missing loads of posts/stories though!


Thanks a lot man. :slight_smile:


This is amazing


I love the altered algorithm. It’s shifted the focus from quantity to quality. Which, coming from an illustration/character design point of view, means you can post just your best work and know that, if it’s good enough, it’ll rise to the top and most of your followers will see it.

The more throwaway content (which used to spam my news feed!) has moved to stories.

I think it’s now a really exciting platform!


Another vote for excellence :+1:


very into this. ive got a friend who does a similar thing but shes not posted any for ages


really, really love this. followed, and shared with a friend too.


Your instie is great!

In my experience, it hasn’t shifted the focus to quality so much as popularity. A few of my mates have 1000s of followers because they run clothes stores, music nights or ‘football lifestyle magazines’ and they’re always at the top.

My feed is clogged with posts of album covers or merchandise that I’ve no interest in purely because these posts have got loads of likes. I miss out on a load of stuff that I’d find interesting from mates who haven’t many followers now because it’s not at the top and the next time I pop the app open Instagram has already decided I’m ‘all caught up’.

It’ll work for a lot of people, but it definitely isn’t working for me. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, really appreciate that. :slight_smile: