Instagram 2.0


Oh hi


Really like instagram (and +1 for a fan of your quality content @rangus) but find when I’m in my worst places with MH etc I post less and less.


yeah. social media is absolutely the worst for mental health. i go through long periods of wanting to delete all my accounts when my mh is bad.


I find a lot of the private groups i’m in on fb really helpful, and twitter was helpful until I remembered my estranged father and some colleagues follow me on there so I generally retreat to non-‘normie’ areas.


This is excellent. Following!


Instagram is the one social medium which is a positive thing for my mh, actually. a nice outlet for things that I wouldn’t otherwise get to express.


I absolutely feel this way. Creating these little pieces over the last year has been so good for my mh. Feel I’ve never been more expressive with my work. Met and connected with so many truly wonderful people. Feel genuinely less alone thanks to it.


I’m an empty vessel so I don’t have much to share to be honest (thought about doing something the other day but thought it would be too risky/scary for some)
It’s good in terms of it making me smile sometimes, but in terms of sharing anything, I just dry up.


aww man :frowning: I find it hard to believe you’re an empty vessel? why do you feel that way?

would be interested in knowing more about the risky/scary thing…


I will DM you


I see now they’re now forcibly inserting recommendations into your feed :disappointed:


Yeah this is super annoying


I’m still getting posts in my newsfeed from before Christmas. It’s so, so shit. Awful UX tbh tbf bbq


Got back on this last year to be a travel wanker, think i have a few of ye on it already


Turns out you can turn them off


oh yeah, noticed that! irked :confused:


I am ma0sm on Instagram too


Hmm, that sounds like it means don’t recommend me to others rather than don’t show me recommendations


yeah you’re right but google seems to think it works?


I’ll give it a try