Instagram is just the 'The Shopping Channel for Millenials' now isn't it?

‘The Shopping Channel for Millenials’ - I saw someone tweet this about instagram a year ago or so … maybe they said QVC instead of The Shopping Channel

well anyway, lately I have been finding myself either buying a lot of stuff (or at least getting as far as payment and delivery options at the checkout) through instagram

I’ve come to the conclusion that IG is actually the perfect shop format and they’ve really played the long game

long game because they replaced the home icon with the shop icon and they have literally trained our muscle memory for years both for that and to respond to images with ‘I like that’ + click …the entire action for shopping through their app pretty much

Also, they’ve obviously ramped this up massively and creamed in profits during the PannyD

ingenious! but evil

So, stuff I’ve bought recently (in the last year I guess);

  • A phaser pedal
  • A melted smiley face t-shirt from Lithuania
  • Some Anna Prior merch
  • A book about Don & Moki Cherry
  • Some adidas trainers
  • A 12 in, 2 out, DI switch box for the studio*
  • probably other things
  • (also 2 very expensive synthesizers but that was more because I follow the European synth stores and these came up)

Stuff I’ve almost bought but stopped at delivery charges/came to my senses;

  • An aluminium dodecahedron filled with mirrors and LED lights that makes cosmic infinity patterns
  • Various other space/disco/stoner light gizmos
  • Lots of interior design stuff; lamps, bauhaus + pop art posters, vinyl storage units
  • Guitar pedals
  • etc

stuff I really want to buy whenever I see it but know I will never ever use;

  • any and every kind of ‘innovations catalogue’ - type toolbox accessory/DIY genius thing


I can imagine that this kind of impulse shopping format could be quite addictive - don’t want to make the whole thread an #SSP but we could obviously be sensitive to that and discuss that if anyone wants to

otherwise feel free to shitpost and/or discuss whatever aspects of internet shopping/IG you wanna or some cool things that you’ve found (I’ve bought a fair number of books due to following authors on Twitter too now I think about it)

also, I don’t really follow any ‘influencers’ but they must have narrowed the gap right down from sponsored content to direct clickthrough purchase by now right?

*this post was brought to you by my purchasing said item just now

I didn’t realise there was a shop section on Instagram until this post


tbh I never go into the shop section but my teen kid & all their pals are constantly moaning about accidentally hitting the icon due to the muscle memory of checking all their millions of comments and likes - I guess you never had millions of comments and likes :wink:

All the above is mainly through targeted ads, one or two from accounts I already followed

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Yeah assumed this was going to be about the clothes ads that pop up in my feed and I think look nice and click through then it’s like £100 for a shirt and I close and then repeat a day later


yeah, it is - this is exactly what it’s about

and then after about 4 or 5 repeats you buy the fucking thing (only the melted smiley face t-shirt was €20)

Ah, in that case. They have clothes that I think look nice and click through then it’s like £100 for a shirt and I close and then repeat a day later


and then after about 4 or 5 repeats you buy the fucking thing

Not yet, don’t think I’ve got anything from bombinate or asket yet. Maybe some time in the future.

Contemplating an ooni atm and their ad targeting is ridiculous. My entire feed, every YouTube preview etc.

Will buy one at some point but because I want to. If anything the ads are putting me off at this poitn



straight to your doorstep too?


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I don’t go to the shopping bit but I have impulse bought a few things from ads. Wooden Korok from Breath of the Wild, some absolutely hideous t-shirts, and a quite comfy hoody.

Get a LOT of adverts for hair loss treatments now, so thanks for that, algorithm.


My sister in law ordered a bed that she saw on Instagram which - as someone who has never used Instagram - I thought was a bit odd.


A bed is quite a significant impulse purchase

I imagine there’s a HUGE amount of money in Kitchen Utensil IG though

Bike IG too, I’m only a 5% bike wanker and I get tons of ads for bike stuff

those niches must be killing it. Josef Josef must be internet billionaires

Looking at what the shop reckons I’d be interested in now

Get tae absolute


“You’re gonna love my nuts”

Honestly want one of these now

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wait till the algorithms cross the penoid stuff with the guitar pedal stuff - you’re dead when that happens

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Some of the trendy running stuff is ridiculous. Soar stuff is constantly in my feed and it’s like £70 for a running vest. Daft. Just trying to commodify and capitalise on an activity that requires very, very little expenditure

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wait, this video is 22 minutes long

needs to be 90 secs or less if he expects me to watch it