Their timeline processing seems to have gone extra shit recently. I know they decided to stop presenting a timeline of photos a while back and bump things based on popularity or something but now it seems like photos a week old are just being pushed into my feed, which is just confusing and annoying.

Why is UX design so bad?


*lack of UX design.

I’m a UX designer, and Instagram drives me nuts.


can’t tell if it’s just my phone but lately i’ve been getting notifications really late/after i’ve already seen the thing it’s notifying me about. it’s getting on me tits.


Aye was just about to post this. Thought it might just be an iPhone thing but appaz not.


Yeah. In fact there’s also a weird thing where comments aren’t showing up under posts but you’ll know they exist because you had a notification of a reply or a comment.



They should’ve never changed the icon!


uninstalled the guardian app because I was getting push notifications about stuff like interest falling by 0.2% in the last financial year and boring shit like that. The only time I need a notification is when things like last night’s bombing happens.


Cant even remember the old one


Literally dozens of people were up in arms about it.


Sounds like your interest fell by 100%!!!


The old icon was properly, properly shit.


Guess what other thing I’m not even on



I’m also getting notifications/follow requests on the app & when I go to have a look it’s just a list of follow suggestions

Oddly the notifications/follow requests show up as they should on the desktop version

But aside from insta the whole non-chronological UX fad made/makes big realtime news events nonsensical on twitter. Last night/this morning was a jumble of two day old memes, prayers, sketchy smartphone videos, Trump in Saudi jokes & rampant Islamaphobia

No continuity with unfolding events at all


Gonna pop this in my ‘favourite bits and pieces in sport’ thread.


[quote=“BodyInTheThames, post:14, topic:14772, full:true”]
I’m also getting notifications/follow requests on the app & when I go to have a look it’s just a list of follow suggestions [/quote]

Yes! This too.

Yeah, this is in part what prompted me to post this. It seems completely out of step with what’s going on today :frowning:


Oh yeah!


There seems to be a general problem with social media at the moment with over-notifying. Facebook’s started telling me how many people have interacted with my posts in the last week, like that matters in any way, and Twitter basically now tells me whenever anyone posts anything. Total pair of aching balls.