Instances when good things are bad

On Friday we were sat near the door in the pub and people kept holding the door open for other people. It’s normally, a nice gesture that’s to be encouraged but on a fucking freezing winter II evening, get to balls and shut the door.

Almost certainly not a thread in this.

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Reading books is great.

Except when you’re on a bus or in a car and it makes you feel queasy.

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Dipping bread in soup is great, but I just dropped a massive chunk into my soup by accident and it sunk. This is bad and I am irked.


That always makes me sleepy. Guaranteed tonight I’ll open my book, read three pages and then nod off for half-an-hour on the train home.

Chopping up vegetables is great, makes more of them and those that you have are now smaller.

If instead of vegetables you use people though, this is a bad thing.


I can read on a train, or a plane, and sometimes a coach and I’m fine.

Bus or car though, and I get all :nauseated_face:


Read for a bit, then spend the next half hour looking out the window and focusing on my breathing so I don’t throw up.

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really hard to unsick yourself after as well. no reset button.

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I don’t get ill reading on a bus but get instantly distracted by staring out the window

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Having sex is good but not if your mum is watching.

That sort of thing?

Why don’t you want my mum watching you have sex?

Too critical


Voice of experience, innit.

theres actually zero difference between good and bad things . you imbecile. you fucking moron


we beevin’?

Beeves aren’t allowed anymore

(I was just quoting twitter weirdo dril)

I’ve been a bit obsessed recently by the account that mashes up Dril tweets with that terrible cartoonist from the telegraph