Instant noodles

When I have a pot/bowl of instant noodles

  • Drinking the leftover liquid
  • No thanks

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Used to put two or three of these away a week, although the actual noodles themselves were awful and shamefully used to throw them away and used alternative noodles

purchased from my local chinese supermarket in a small Devonian town, ACTUALLY

the ones in Japan are mostly like this, about 6 different sachets of toppings/flavourings and stuff. they’re great.


Can I guess? Is it Okehampton?

no i was actually being deliberately misleading it was Exeter


you won’t find me coming out to bat for Exeter really don’t worry

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Koka brand curry flavour is the one

Had some for dinner yesterday, very satisfying.

Sometimes have it with broccoli and edamame beans and soy sauce so it becomes incredibly healthy.


these 2 are the best for me


both available in asda

although recently discovered making cheesy super noodles, which is a revelation!


I like getting one of those nice pre-marinated salmon fillets you can get and chucking it in a bowl of sesame flavour Demae ramen with some veggies

The Soba peking duck ones in a pot are really good.

Naked Noodles katsu rice pot is delicious.

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What’s the cooking process with the pack rather than the cups?

Crossover with the stuff you like from other cultures. Fancy Japanese pot noodles from a vending machine, hot water and chopsticks provided. Nice little treat for those who are ‘out and about’


the soba comes with a little bag of herbs and a sachet of thick sauce. you basically boil them in water with the herbs until there’s not much water left, then add the sauce and wait for the rest of the water to be absorbed.

the nongshim are pretty much the same in a pot or packet

yes! tastes like chipshop curry sauce

Yeah but cooking them one the hob is a hassle, worth the extra 45p to save on the washing up tbh

God tier.

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love how the 7/11s have hot water and seats so you can buy a pot and eat them there and then.

The leisure centre attached to my secondary school c.2001 had a Pot Noodle vending machine. Go for a healthy swim, have a healthy Pot Noodle afterwards.

Just used to be caned by the kids in the sixth form.