Instant Regret chocolate

lets all buy some and have a taste

No thank you

Chilli and chocolate

  • Oooh how clever I’m basically Heston!
  • It doesn’t actually taste very nice does it

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Someone bought some into work a year or so back. Probably not that brand, but it was very, incredibly, insanely hot chilli chocolate.

Obviously he took the label off and told everyone it was beer flavoured… Cue about half a dozen of us sat around choking with our eyes and nose streaming.

I love a bit of fire in my food, but it was like nothing else I’ve ever tasted.

i wonder if anyone eats it for pleasure

Sounds minging

I bought a bar of chili chocolate at a beer festival. I ended up keeping it in the fridge and then stirring a few squares in whenever I made a chili con carne. Perfect…

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It does actually, but when the person offering insists ‘its really nice’, you’ll stick anything in your mouth. Or at least I will.

Thursday was yesterday



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is it hometime yet? I really want to go home.

I like Lindt chilli chocolate

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Got some for Christmas, took it into the office… it is HOT. Most people were brave enough to try some, only one went back for seconds (he ended up having five pieces and stirring another two into his hot chocolate).

I had half a square and felt it for a good 30 minutes.