Instrument Audit [POLL THREAD]



Just to see the range we have

What is your PRIMARY instrument

  • Piano / Keys
  • Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Other Percussion (pls specify)
  • Other String (pls specify)
  • Woodwind (pls specify)
  • Brass (pls specify)
  • Not on Instrumentbook pal

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Other polls to follow.


mate it’s all indie guitar lads on here innit, do we need a poll?


Get quite tickled by the idea of how many guitars there are in the world. It’s a good thing, no doubt, we’re just such a bunch of silly animals.


That was my hypothesis, yes.

Reckon there are few bassists that can’t handle the extra strings and just wanted to be able to be in a band though


plenty of failed guitarists too (drummers, mirite!!) haha



Really want a water phone


Is that a bass with a whammy pedal? Jesus, I bet that would sound terrible/only be played by the worst kind of flea wannabe


I went for drums though currently I play the guitar and synth more since I don’t really have access to a kit




I was making a terrible joke to double down on my fishing but you have quite expertly deadpanned me in to submission so, well done.


shit! you never said. how’s your blastbeats?


Difficult to say. I’ve always primarily played bass in bands and prefer to play guitar on my own since I was about 16, but I’m almost certainly better with a piano than either of those.


Really admire your commitment to this one.


How many other instruments can you play (in addition to your primary in OP)

  • None
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Mate, I play all the instruments (6+)

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for the love of god, please find me a drummer


haven’t I? I’ve never played double bass drum anything so I imagine I’m extremely bad.

(to be clear I’m not good in general)


@ me next time pal


don’t metal drummers have to be really…good…for lack of a better word.

just sounds really technical to me.


baritone guitar innit EDIT: I GET THE JOKE OWEN